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Software Features & Benefits:

  • It helps in accessing the OST file without Outlook environment.
  • No data loss happens during the retention process.
  • Search and select the data file of OST to ensure both complete and selective recovery of data.
  • The OST viewer tool deeply scans the damage file to do the recovery of data.
  • Specific mail or other items from the file can be picked individually, once the scanning of the file is done.
  • Retain the meta properties of email as well.
  • Retain data from any size of OST file without affecting its original format.

How to Open and View OST File Content

Check screenshots or step by step software guide to open and view OST files.

Browse OST

Step 1: Browse OST File

Preview OST

Step 2: Preview OST File

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Version: 4.5

*Software enables you to open and view OST file contents.

[Note: Outlook installation is not required to use software. You can easily open OST file without Outlook installation.]

Benefits Guide of OST Viewer Tool in Detail

Open File

Open And Scan OST File In Any Situation

The software has the potential to scan any length of OST file and help users to check its data content like emails, attachments, folders, sub folders, etc. The software is willing to open corrupt and damage OST file as well.

View File

View File In Same Format

Software deeply scans the file and recover the data of OST in the same order as was there before the damage. The hierarchy of the folders and sub folders remain same.

Save File

Individual Mails Can Be Saved In Many Formats

Pro Version Option - OST Converter
Each email in the file can be saved in different formats such as EML, MSG, HTML, RTF and PDF. The software gives the option of saving each mail in these formats and get saved at the user's desired location.

Search File

File Can Be Browsed And Search Both

To scan the OST file, software offer two options, "select the file" and "search the file". When option "select the file" is used, it browses the OST file from where it has been saved. Whereas, when the option "search the file" is selected, it automatically searches the file.

Scan File

Screening of Mail Content Is Possible

Once the data scanning is done by the software, it is easy for the user to get the preview of mail content. The mail content is shown in the same format as it remains in the Outlook PST file and it includes everything like folders, attachments, calendar, task, journal, etc.