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AxBlaze EML to PST Converter

Whether you're transitioning from Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, or any other EML-supported platform, AxBlaze EML to PST converter simplifies the process, ensuring data integrity, and maintains email properties. This Converter boasts lightning-fast performance, allowing for the swift processing of large email archives.

  • Convert EML to PST: Convert numerous EML files into the PST format effortlessly.
  • Supported File Formats: Convert EML messages to TGZ, MBOX, PDF, NSF, MSG, and more.
  • Email Server Migration: Transfer EML files across Office 365, Gmail, and Exchange Server.
  • Repair EML Files: Detects and resolves issues with EML files that cannot be accessed.
  • Integrity of Information: EML File Conversion Guarantees Unaltered Email Message Headers.
  • Filter EML Messages: EML File Conversion with a Selective Date Range Filter.
  • Divide Resultant PST: Divide Resultant PST File according to File Size Precisely.
  • Email Attachments: Enabling EML File Conversion with Inclusive Attachments Support.
  • Free Preview: Explore the contents of EML / EMLX files with a preview within the software.
  • Windows Compatibility: The software works flawlessly with every version of Microsoft Windows OS.

Safe & Secure

Demo Version: Discover the impeccably secure Windows EML Converter, available for download now!

EML to PST Converter - Supreme Benefits

Explore the intricacies of the software's impressive array of features

Convert Multiple EML Files at Once

Converts Numerous EML files into PST Format Effortlessly

AxBlaze EML to PST Converter is a powerful tool that facilitates the conversion of multiple EML files to PST format simultaneously. Designed for efficiency and convenience, this software streamlines the process of migrating emails from EML to PST with just a few clicks. Whether you have a small batch or a large collection of EML files, this converter ensures a swift and hassle-free conversion, saving you valuable time and effort. With its ability to handle bulk conversions and preserve data integrity during the transfer, the EML Converter proves to be an essential utility for individuals and businesses seeking to manage their email data in a more flexible and accessible manner.

Convert EML to Variety of File Formats

Transform EML Files into a Variety of File Formats

This is a versatile tool designed to facilitate the conversion of EML files into various file formats. EML, short for Electronic Mail, is a file format used by email clients to store individual email messages. However, there are instances when users may need to convert these EML files into different formats for various purposes. With the tool, users can transform their EML files into formats like PDF, PST, MSG, MBOX, HTML, and more. This conversion process enables users to access and utilize their email data in different applications or platforms. Whether it's archiving emails, migrating data between email clients, or sharing information in a compatible format, the tool provides a convenient and efficient solution for handling EML files.

Filter EML Messages by Date

Selective Conversion Facilitated by a Date Filter Option

The Message Filtering Option of the EML to PST Converter empowers users with the ability to perform selective and efficient email conversions. This feature proves invaluable when dealing with a large volume of emails as it allows users to specify a particular date range, enabling them to convert only the relevant emails that fall within the desired timeframe. By doing so, users can save significant time and effort while ensuring that the resulting PST file contains precisely the messages they require. Whether it's archiving essential communications or organizing emails for a specific project, the Date Filter Option streamlines the conversion process, making it a versatile and user-friendly tool for managing email data effectively.

EML File Preview with Attachments

Explore a Preview of EML Data Enriched with Attachments

With its advanced capabilities, this converter is able to generate a comprehensive preview of the EML data, providing users with a clear insight into the content and any accompanying attachments. This feature proves to be immensely beneficial, as it allows users to verify the accuracy of the data and ensure that all essential information is intact before final conversion. By offering a preview of the attachments alongside the EML data, users can conveniently assess the relevance and completeness of the files, ensuring a smooth and error-free conversion process. Overall, the EML converter's ability to generate a preview of EML data with attachments significantly enhances productivity and efficiency.

Split Resultant PST by Size

Create a New PST File to Match the Desired File Size Precisely

One of the remarkable features of an advanced EML converter is its ability to intelligently create a new PST file based on the file size of the converted EML data. This functionality proves to be invaluable when dealing with large volumes of emails, as it ensures that the converted data is organized and distributed efficiently to prevent file corruption or performance issues. By automatically creating new PST files, the EML converter streamlines the process of handling extensive email archives, providing users with a seamless and reliable solution for managing their emails in a way that is both structured and accessible.

Supports all Windows OS

Seamless Compatibility Across Windows Operating Systems

The EML converter boasts an exceptional feature that sets it apart from other software applications: its unparalleled compatibility with all versions of the Windows operating system. Whether you're utilizing the latest Windows 10 or an older iteration like Windows 7 or 8, this versatile converter seamlessly adapts to any Windows environment, providing a user-friendly experience regardless of the system's specifications. Its extensive compatibility ensures that users from various backgrounds and preferences can effortlessly employ the EML converter to efficiently convert their emails and streamline their digital communication.

EML to PST Converter - Specifications

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz
Operating System
Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008
512 MB Minimum
Hard Disk
100 MB of free space
License &
Personal License
Can use only on a single system
Corporate License
Can be used by upto 5 machines
Technician License
Can be used on multiple machines
Available on Demand
Installation Guide    User Manual

How it Works

Discover the Working Capabilities of the EML to PST Converter

  1. Download & Run

  2. Check Preview

  3. EML to PST Option

  4. Filter Items

  5. Convert EML to PST

Features Comparision

Features & Benefits Demo Version Full Version
Add Multiple EML Files
No File Size Limitation
Preview of the EML Data
Message Filtering
Split Resultant PST File by Size
Export EML to PST Format 30 items/folder
Export EML to MBOX, TGZ, EMLX, PDF, NSF, CSV, VCF, ICS, MSG, TXT, HTML, and RTF. 30 items/folder
Import EML Files to Office 365, Gmail, and Exchange 30 items/folder
Cost FREE Starting at $39

Frequently Inquired Queries

A: Embark on an exploration of the EML to PST converter's capabilities:

  1. Download, install, and run AxBlaze EML to PST converter.
    Add mutiple EML files.
  2. Check the preview of the EML file data with attachments.
  3. Export Option: Click the "Export" option from the menu.
    Select PST as export option.
  4. Split & Message Filtering Option (Optional):
    Split Resultant PST by Size and Date.
  5. Complete EML to PST conversion process.
    Click on the "Convert Now" button.

Upon the completion of the procedure, an assurance will find its path to you.

EML to PST Converter - Preview Option

A: Absolutely! This remarkable software effortlessly handles both EMLX and EML files, converting them with ease.

A: Users have the freedom to convert EML files of any size since there are no limitations on their dimensions.

A: Negative, the tool exclusively caters to Windows OS; however, fear not, for you can effortlessly bring in EMLX files from a Mac machine to Windows and seamlessly perform the conversion utilizing this very software.

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