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Free MBOX File Viewer


Download FREE MBOX viewer and open and view MBOX file contents. Software supports all MBOX files from all MBOX supported email clients such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Google Takeout, etc.

MBOX File Viewer

Benefits of MBOX File Viewer

Email Can Be Viewed With Its Intact Property

The email data of MBOX file can be viewed with all its properties like subject line, To, CC, Bcc, mail send and receive data and time.

Fast Scanning Is Done

The software is an efficient tool and it does the scanning of the MBOX file, really fast. And after scanning the .mbox file, it showcases all data in its original structure.

Any Number And Size Of MBOX Can Be Viewed

A user is allowed to upload any length and number of MBOX file in the software to view its data. It works flawlessly till the completion of the task.

No Requirement Of MBOX Email Client

User is not required to install any email client to view the data of .mbox file. It helps user in viewing the data within the tool.

Attachments Can Be Viewed

With the help of MBOX viewer tool, the attachment of the mail can also be viewed. The provision of viewing the attachment is also present in this smart tool.

Individual Mail Items Can Be Saved

Pro Version Option - MBOX Converter
The individual mail items can be saved by the user once the scanning of file is finished. The file can be saved at the user's desired location easily.

Steps to Open and View MBOX File Contents

Step 1: Download, Install, and Run MBOX File Viewer.

  • Add File: Click on "Add File" button to browse single MBOX file.
  • Add Folder: Click on "Add Folder" button to browse multiple MBOX files.

Open MBOX File Converter

Step 2: Check preview of MBOX file contents with all the properties.

MBOX File Preview

These are the two simple steps by which you can easily open and view MBOX file contents.

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