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Microsoft Outlook

Types of Attachment Files Blocked by Outlook

As you know that Outlook has a wide range of file formats that are blocked by 'Default' due to security reasons. There are many reasons why Outlook block certain file types so continue reading the blog as we have listed some of the file formats that are blocked. Make a note of the fact that the user cannot unblock it. It is only possible if the user is using the Exchange Server. In this blog, we have listed some of the file formats that are blocked.

A List Of Outlook Blocked Attachment Files

  • ADE: Access Project Extension
  • ADP: Access Project
  • APP: Executable Application
  • ASP: Active Server Page
  • BAS: BASIC Source Code
  • BAT: Batch Processing
  • CER: Internet Security Certificate File
  • CHM: Compiled HTML Help
  • CMD: Command File for Windows NT
  • CNT: Help File Index
  • COM: Command
  • CPL: Windows Control Panel Extension
  • CRT: Certificate File
  • CSH: CSH Script
  • DER: DER Encoded X509 Certificate File
  • EXE: Executable File
  • FXP: FoxPro Compiled Source
  • GADGET: Windows Vista Gadget
  • HLP: Windows Help File
  • HPJ: Project file used to make Windows Data
  • HTA: Hypertext Application
  • INF: Information
  • INS: IIS Internet Communication Settings
  • ISP: IIS Internet Service Provider Settings
  • ITS: Internet Document Set
  • JS: JavaScript Source Code
  • JSE: JScript Encoded Script File
  • KSH: UNIX Shell Script
  • MAD: Access Module Shortcut
  • MAF: Access
  • MAS: Access Stored Procedure
  • MAT: Access Table Shortcut
  • MAU: Media Attachment Unit
  • MAV: Access View Shortcut
  • MAW: Access Data Access
  • MDA: Access Add-in
  • MDB: Access Application
  • MDE: Operate MDE Database
  • MDT: Access ADD-in Data
  • MDW: Access Workgroup Information
  • MDZ: Access Wizard Template
  • TMP: Temporary File
  • URL: Internal Location
  • VB: VBScript File
  • VBE: VBScript Encoded Script File
  • VBP: Visual Basic Project File
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