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PST Converter Box

AxBlaze PST to MBOX Converter

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Effortlessly Convert Your PST Files to MBOX Format with our Reliable PST to MBOX Converter - Safely Migrate Emails, Contacts, and Attachments in a Few Simple Steps - Experience Seamless Data Transfer Today!

  • Convert PST to MBOX: Transform your Outlook PST mailbox into MBOX format.
  • Complete Conversion: Converts Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, and more.
  • Batch Conversion: Handles the conversion of multiple PST files all at once.
  • ANSI/Unicode: Converts both ANSI and Unicode versions of MS Outlook PST files.
  • No File Size Limitation: Effortlessly transforms PST files of substantial size.
  • Other Conversion: Converts PST to TGZ, PDF, NSF, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, RTF, etc.
  • Email Servers: Import PST items to Office 365, Gmail, and Live Exchange account.
  • MBOX Platforms: Supports the diverse range of MBOX-compatible email platforms.
  • Thunderbird: Facilitates PST import across various Thunderbird email client editions.
  • File Recovery: Revive and convert damaged PST file contents to MBOX format.
  • Original Format: Preserves the inherent Meta properties and directory arrangement.
  • Export Contacts: Exports Outlook contacts to VCF (vCard) and CSV file formats.
  • Export Calendar: Exports Outlook calendar into ICS (iCal) and CSV file formats.
  • OS Compatibility: Compatible with every edition of the Windows operating system.

Safe & Secure

Demo Version: By utilizing the free download, you gain the ability to transform the initial 30 elements found in every directory within the PST file.

Compatible with all MBOX Email Client Applications

Compilation of Email Clients Compatible with MBOX Format

The PST to MBOX Converter software offers a seamless solution for effortlessly downloading and utilizing it. With its swift and dependable conversion capabilities, this intelligent software efficiently transforms PST files into MBOX format. It delivers a cost-effective approach and swiftly exports Outlook files to MBOX, saving precious time. Moreover, the resulting MBOX file can be seamlessly imported into a wide range of MBOX-supported email programs, including those listed below.

  • Thunderbird: Seamlessly bring converted MBOX file(s) into Thunderbird across Windows, MAC, or Linux systems.
  • Apple Mail: Experience seamless migration from PST to MBOX and effortlessly unlock access to all your precious data in Apple Mail.
  • Spicebird: Transfer your exported MBOX files effortlessly to a top-notch desktop email client.
  • Netscape: It boasts a sizable user base relying on a widely adopted email client with excellent MBOX file support.
  • SeaMonkey: An internet suite that champions freedom and openness, while seamlessly accommodating the MBOX file format.
MBOX-supported Email Programs

PST to TGZ Converter - The Extraordinary Advantages

Distinctive Attributes and Advantages

Batch Conversion of PST Files

Convert PST Files to MBOX in Bulk: Activating Batch Mode

When dealing with a large number of PST files that need to be converted to MBOX format, activating the batch mode of a PST to MBOX converter becomes a valuable asset. By enabling batch mode, users gain the ability to process multiple PST files simultaneously, significantly saving time and effort. This feature streamlines the conversion process, allowing for efficient handling of numerous files in one go. With a few simple steps, users can load multiple PST files into the converter, specify the output folder, and initiate the batch conversion process. This automated approach ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience, enabling users to convert PST files to MBOX format quickly.

Outlook PST File Recovery

Retrieve Content from PST file(s) that are Currently Inaccessible

If you find yourself unable to access the content of your PST files, a PST to MBOX converter can be a valuable tool to retrieve that information. PST files, commonly used by Microsoft Outlook, can become inaccessible due to various reasons such as file corruption or compatibility issues. However, by employing a reliable PST to MBOX converter, you can convert these files into the MBOX format, which is compatible with multiple email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others. This conversion process allows you to regain access to your emails, contacts, attachments, and other data contained within the PST files, ensuring that you do not lose valuable information.

Export PST to Various File Formats

Convert PST Mailbox Contents into Diverse File Formats for Export

The PST to MBOX converter is a highly efficient tool that enables users to effortlessly convert PST mailbox contents into various file formats. This versatile converter offers a seamless solution for individuals or organizations looking to migrate their email data from Outlook to different platforms. With this converter, users can convert their PST mailbox contents into MBOX, NSF, TGZ, PDF, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, VCF, CSV, ICS, etc. which is compatible with a wide range of email clients. This conversion process ensures that all email messages, attachments, contacts, and calendar entries are accurately preserved, allowing for a smooth transition between different email platforms.

Selective Outlook Data File Conversion

Refining Outlook Data File Conversion with Selective Precision

A PST to MBOX converter is an essential tool for users who need to perform selective Outlook data file conversion. This converter provides a convenient solution for extracting and converting specific data from Outlook PST files into MBOX format. Whether it's individual emails, contacts, calendars, or other data components, users can easily choose the desired items for conversion. This selective approach saves time and effort by eliminating the need to convert the entire PST file, especially when only a portion of the data is required. With a PST to MBOX converter, users can efficiently manage their Outlook data and seamlessly transfer it to other email clients or platforms that support MBOX format.

Export PST Contacts to VCF

Convert your PST contacts into VCF format for Seamless Exporting

If you're looking to convert your PST contacts into VCF format, AxBlaze PST to MBOX converter can be a useful tool. VCF (Virtual Contact File) is a standard format for storing contact information. By using a PST to MBOX converter, you can extract your contacts from the PST file and convert them into VCF format, which can be easily imported into various applications and devices. This conversion process ensures compatibility and flexibility in managing and transferring your contacts across different platforms and systems. Whether you need to migrate your contacts to a different email client or simply want to keep a backup in a universally accepted format, this tool can simplify the task and provide a seamless solution.

Export PST Calendars to ICS

Convert Outlook PST Calendar to ICS Format and Export it

With this converter, users can effortlessly migrate their calendar data from PST files to ICS, ensuring compatibility with various calendar applications and platforms. Whether you need to share your Outlook calendar with colleagues using different calendar software or want to synchronize it with mobile devices, this converter offers a straightforward solution. It efficiently preserves all calendar details, including events, appointments, reminders, and even recurring entries during the conversion process. With its user-friendly interface and efficient conversion algorithms, the PST to MBOX Converter is a valuable tool for anyone seeking a hassle-free method to convert PST calendars to ICS format.

Filter PST Messaged Based on Datae

Organize Outlook PST Messages Based on Date Filtering

The PST to MBOX Converter is an essential tool for individuals seeking to efficiently organize their Outlook PST messages using date filtering. With this converter, users can seamlessly convert their Outlook PST files into MBOX format, allowing for better organization and management of email messages. By utilizing the date filtering feature, users can sort and categorize their emails based on specific date ranges, making it easier to locate and retrieve important messages. Whether it's archiving older emails or managing a large volume of incoming messages, the PST to MBOX Converter provides a streamlined solution for organizing Outlook PST messages based on date filtering, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Free PST File Preview

Get a Preview of your PST Mailbox Contents without any Cost

If you're looking for a way to preview the contents of your PST mailbox without spending any money, consider using AxBlaze PST to MBOX converter. By taking advantage of this converter, you can gain a comprehensive view of the PST mailbox contents, including emails, contacts, attachments, and calendar entries, without any financial commitment. It provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both technical and non-technical users to perform the conversion effortlessly. Whether you need to access old emails, review important attachments, or simply organize your messages, the PST to MBOX converter provides a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Relocate the PST Files onto the Mail Servers.

PST to Microsoft 365

Transfer your PST files to your Office 365 account

If you're looking to seamlessly transfer your PST files to your Office 365 account, a reliable PST converter for Office 365 is essential. This powerful tool enables you to efficiently import PST files directly into your Office 365 account without any hassle. Say goodbye to manual file transfers and tedious workarounds - with a PST to Office 365 converter, you can effortlessly bring your data into the cloud-based Office 365 environment, maximizing productivity and convenience.
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PST to Exchange

Migrate your PST files seamlessly to Exchange Server

This is a valuable tool that simplifies the process of importing PST files directly into an Exchange Server. This software efficiently transfers all the data stored in PST files, including emails, contacts, calendars, and more, into the Exchange Server environment. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, the tool provides a seamless solution to streamline the data management and enhance collaboration within their Exchange Server infrastructure.
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Import PST to Gmail

Transfer the contents of an PST file to your Gmail account

Converting PST files and importing them directly into a Gmail account has become a seamless process thanks to the availability of efficient PST Converter for Gmail. With just a few simple steps, users can now effortlessly transfer their PST files, including emails, contacts, and calendar entries, into their Gmail accounts, ensuring a smooth transition and access to all their important information. It provides flexibility and convenience of managing their emails and other data within the Gmail platform.
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PST to MBOX Converter - Specifications

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz
Operating System
Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008
512 MB Minimum
Hard Disk
100 MB of free space
License &
Personal License
Can use only on a single system
Corporate License
Can be used by upto 5 machines
Technician License
Can be used on multiple machines
Available on Demand
Installation Guide    User Manual

How it Works

Unveiling the Intricacies of the PST to MBOX Conversion Process

  1. Download & Run

  2. Check Preview

  3. PST to MBOX Option

  4. Filter Items

  5. Convert PST to MBOX

Features Comparision

Features & Benefits Demo Version Full Version
Add single or multiple PST files
No File Size Limitation
Generate a preview of the PST file with attachments
Message filtering
Selective Conversion
*Extra added benefit: Split PST into smaller PST
Export PST to MBOX format 30 items/folder
Export PST to TGZ, EML, EMLX, PDF, NSF, CSV, VCF, ICS, MSG, TXT, HTML, and RTF. 30 items/folder
Import PST in Office 365, Gmail, and Exchange 30 items/folder
Cost FREE Starting at $29

Frequently Inquired Queries

A: Check the step-by-step procedure to convert the PST file into MBOX file type:

  1. Download, install, and run AxBlaze PST to MBOX converter.
  2. Check the preview of the PST file.
  3. Export Option: Click the "Export" option from the menu.
    Select MBOX as export option.
  4. Message Filtering (Optional): Split PST by date.
  5. Complete PST to MBOX conversion process.
    Click on the "Convert Now" button.

Upon completion of the procedure, you shall receive a notification affirming its conclusion.

AxBlaze PST to MBOX Converter

A: Indeed, the software provides a seamless Batch conversion functionality, allowing you to effortlessly convert multiple PST files simultaneously.

A: This proficient software caters to the needs of users by facilitating seamless conversion of PST files to MBOX format, ensuring compatibility with both ANSI and Unicode file types.

A: By leveraging the functionality provided, you have the capability to extract PST data based on specific dates and folders, enabling you to selectively export desired emails exclusively from the PST file.

A: Unrestricted by size restrictions, you can effortlessly convert PST files of any magnitude without encountering any limitations.

A: Experience the trial edition and enjoy the liberating privilege of preserving only the first 30 items in each folder, while the full version awaits you with boundless possibilities and unrestricted access.

A: Our innovative PST to MBOX converter tool goes beyond expectations by facilitating the export of both intact and damaged PST files. By seamlessly scanning corrupted PST files upon their addition to the panel, the tool effortlessly recovers them and effortlessly converts them into MBOX file format.

A: There is no necessity to have email programs that support MBOX on the system in order to carry out the conversion.

A: The expeditiousness of the conversion procedure relies on two factors: the size of the PST file and the capabilities of your system. However, with the employment of a state-of-the-art multi-threading technique, the AxBlaze PST to MBOX converter ensures swift accomplishment.

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